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Dolfi Is A Washing Machine You Can Carry Around In Your Pocket

What you’re looking at is Dolfi – a smart gadget that looks like a soap and works like it too (almost). It was created by Lena Solis, a German businesswoman, and is basically a small washing device. The gadget is the result of the frustration that Solis underwent when she experience the horrible laundromats during her traveling. The solution presented itself in the form of Dolfi.

This tiny gadget is amazing at cleaning clothes and works like a charm. It employs the use of ultrasonic technology for washing the clothes. The best thing about Dolfi is that it causes minimal damage to the clothing when compared with conventional washing machines. Speaking of traditional washing machines, it also consumes 80% less power than them.

So, how does it work? You have to place clothes in some water and add some laundry detergent. Place Dolfi inside and switch it on. After half an hour, take the clothes out, rinse and dry and you’re done! It’s really that simple. In fact, Dolfi doesn’t make any sound when it’s working and this means you can wash clothes without disturbing anyone.

Solis says that she was “inspired by amazing benefits of ultrasound, successfully utilized for years in many industrial and medical applications, we’re passionate about redefining the ultrasonic technology for everyday consumer use. […] we can bring to the world a device that can fundamentally change the way we wash.”

In order to generate funds for launching Dolfi, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo that raised $100,000.