Docomo Just Unveiled New Taste-Sharing Tech – And It Will Blow Your Mind

In a groundbreaking collaboration between Docomo, Meiji University, and H2L Inc., a revolutionary technology has been unveiled as the world’s first taste information sharing system. This paradigm-shifting invention combines a sensory device, an individualized taste sensitivity augmentation platform, and a replication mechanism that can recreate tastes for others to experience.

The driving force behind this innovation is a proprietary algorithm that meticulously analyzes taste perception using approximately 25 data points. This algorithm enables the precise reproduction of individual taste experiences by harnessing 20 base liquids and specialized solutions, recreating the five fundamental tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. The result is a mechanism that can vividly convey even the most complex tastes, enhancing the sharing of sensory experiences.

Anticipated applications of this technology extend into the metaverse, where taste expressions can augment virtual experiences beyond the visual and auditory realms. The incorporation of taste into traditionally sensory-deprived mediums like film and animation promises heightened user engagement and an unprecedented sense of presence.

The technology’s grand debut is set for the “Docomo Open House ’24” online event starting on January 17. This event is poised to revolutionize sensory experiences and redefine immersion in virtual environments.

For those curious about how the technology works, it involves a sensory device capturing taste perceptions, an augmentation platform tailored to individual taste sensitivities, and a replication mechanism for sharing tastes. The intricate algorithm, based on 25 data points, reproduces tastes with astonishing precision. The driving device utilizes 20 base liquids and specialized solutions to recreate the foundational tastes, making even complex tastes shareable.

The implications of this taste-sharing wonder extend beyond conventional senses, promising an unparalleled depth of immersion and sensory delight. The “Docomo Open House ’24” event marks the beginning of a new chapter in sensory exploration, redefining how users engage with virtual realms and offering a taste of the future in human augmentation technology.

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