Do You Know Why You Have To Keep The Shades Up On The Plane? Here’s The Answer!


A lot of people hate flying. For some, it is the fear of planes that keeps them grounded while the others are just tired of the entire ordeal involving security clearances, the ear-popping experience, and the cramped seating.

You have always heard the flight captain repeat his request to retrieve the luggage from the overhead compartment and to put up the window blinds. But have you ever wondered why you are instructed to do so?


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Why are the Airplane Window Blinds Pulled up?

One of the standard instructions given out when you board an aeroplane is to turn off your cell phones and other gadgets! Though it is unclear how the electronic devices affect the digital system of the aircraft, you are still instructed not to use any gadgets that may interfere with the computer system.


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However, the instructions regarding the window blinds are quite intriguing. After all, no FAA manual explicitly requires the passengers to do so! Is it so you don’t miss out the amazing view from your window?


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As it happens, the practice is for the benefit of the flight crew. Most of the airline crashes are recorded during the take-off or the landing. Thus, the crew wants to keep an eye on things and the shades are kept up for the same purpose. Sometimes, all it needs is a passenger to look out and see the fire in the engine or fuel leaking from the plane to alert the crew to a problem in the flight.


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Also, in case of an emergency evacuation, the crew can easily spot if something is blocking a particular exit and plan their evacuation strategy accordingly. However, there is yet another interesting message you must have heard from the captain.


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Why are the passengers asked to bring their Seat to an Upright position before Landing?

One of the obvious reasons is that it makes it easier for the person in the back seat to exit the aircraft smoothly. However, another reason is that landing in the upright position results in a slight jostle.


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On the other hand, if you are reclining in your seat as the flight lands, your face may be thrust into the seat in front of you.


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