Do You Know What Deep Web Is? This Is All You Need To Know About It

Deep Web (3)

The internet is not all that you have imagined it to be, there is an entire world that you won’t ever get to with google: The Deep Web. 

The internet we know is the surface web which is only 4 percent of the World Wide Web. Google indexes no more than 16 percent of the surface web. The deep web, which is 500 times larger than the surface web is concealed information, protected by passwords and paywalls. The deep web is the virtual Mariana Trench to the internet ocean.  Deep web is all the information that is not indexed by the common search engines, but not all of it is notorious. The deep web is mostly the humdrum information about US patents, bank personal information that is not required to be accessed by public. Within deep web lies the hidden world of The Dark Web also known as the Darknet. The Darknet is a digital underground where hackers, gangsters, terrorists, and pedophiles come together for the disgusting trade of the scariest goods and services of the world. 

An iceberg example helps picture the vastness of the Deep Web.

Source: The Deep Web: Semantic Search Takes Innovation to New Depths

The Darknet is an anonymity network requiring special permissions, configurations and software to access it. The Onion Router (TOR), I2P and Freenet are the popular search engines for accessing the deep web. The Darknet is a digital black market and here is the list of things you can get there:

Rent a Hacker

You can rent a hacker online to do anything you like.

Source: Quora


You can buy drugs of any kind in any quantity on the Darknet. Silk Road, the amazon to drugs, weapons and hitmen, got shut down in 2014 by the FBI. The silk road did $200 million of business in just 28 months.

Source: Quora

Fake Money and Credit Cards

Euros, Dollars, Pounds and Yens are conveniently available in varying costs and qualities. Some are even promised to pass the pen and UV tests. You can also buy verified credit card information online.

Source: Quora

Forged Papers

You can get any document you like forged for you. For a few thousand dollars you can get a UK or US passport.

Child Trafficking 

One of the most disturbing things on the internet, children trafficked from different places can be bought

Source: Quora

Human Organs

A whole black market for human organs or test subjects for people who believe some humans are superior to others.

Source: Quora

Weapons and Explosives

You can buy any amount of weapons and explosives online or maybe hire a hitman to kill your enemies.

Source: Quora

Since your usual search engines will not get you access to the Darknet, you can get there by anonymising your browser. TOR is the browser that hides your identity and uses pages with a .onion extension. a bunch of secret search engines, criminal wikis and hidden chatrooms can get you access to the Darknet. All the money exchange in here is done through Bitcoin. If you are not already disturbed by the things on the Darknet and want to get there, the access may be easy but it is in no way completely safe. If you are very intrigued you can watch the Deep Web, a 1.5 hour documentary about the ferocious world of the Darknet.

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