Yanny Or Laurel? This Viral Audio Clip Has Got Internet Going Mad

yanny vs laurel

Some time ago, there was a battle going on to decide if the dress is gold and white or blue and black. Another version of the same argument is back but this time with audio that either says Laurel or Yanny. Cole Feldman posted the audio on her Instagram story which she cross-posted to Twitter as well asking, “what do you hear? Yanny or Laurel.” The question was accompanied by a voice recording that was clearly saying, “Laurel.”

While there were some, who claimed to hear both the words at once, most people admitted to hearing Yanny while the audio is clearly saying, Laurel. Since the internet is a place where every opinion gets some importance, several bizarre theories came to light. Some people explained that it is all placebo and people are hearing Yanny simply because they believe that the audio is saying Yanny. Some professionals, however, were able to get the bottom of the issue and explained how the problem has arisen because some people are listening to the higher frequencies and other to the lower frequencies. This changes for a person according to the time of the day and state of mind as well. Therefore, we do have some who heard Yanny in the morning and heard Laurel in the late afternoon. According to a theory posted by one redditor, what a person hears depends upon the produced amount of bass from the device on which you are listening to it.

If you manipulate the audio and change the pitch of the voice, then the people who are hearing Laurel can hear a sound which is similar to the sound of Yanny. Even though people are accepting the fact that some people are hearing Yanny instead of hearing the actual word, they have also made it clear that the voice is certainly saying “Laurel” and not Yanny.

So what did you hear? Let us know in the comments section!


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