Guy Makes His Own Amphibious Car At Home With Retractable Wheels


Amphibious cars are not very common, even in today’s world of advanced science and technology. Moreover, all of them are quite costly and hard to maintain. So it will be highly unusual if I ask whether you would like to build your amphibious car or not. But if Bert Sandlin could do it, why can’t you? This weird-looking Sandlin’s car can both travel on road and sail in the water!

This self-made amphibious car can speed up to 40 mph on water and possesses retracting wheels as well as air suspension. Have a look at the video of this car in action.

How does the car work? It is powered by the 2nd generation Chevy 350 engine, especially suited for its journey on the road. Whenever Bert wants to sail in the water, he can simply drive the car into it. As the car reaches near the water body, it retracts its wheels and turns on the outboard engine at its rear end.

The car is quite spacious, accommodating 7 people in 3 rows of seats. You can take the whole lot and party both on land and water. The car lifts its tires in the water. This means that Bert doesn’t need a jack in case of a punctured tire. It is true that the car looks crude. But, you must admit that it is a quite remarkable DIY project that encourages other DIY enthusiasts to make their amphibious vehicles.

Credits: Bert Sandlin
Image Credits: Bert Sandlin

Bert’s next plan is to improve the design and make this project even bigger and better. He wants to make an Amphibious Medical Evacuation Rescue Vehicle. Woah!

Are you planning to make your own amphibious car as well? Share with us in the comments’ section below.


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  1. Vaibhav Kumar Reply

    We’re developing a prototype amphibian vehicle lately as a part of our college minor project. We are quite inspired by the feat achieved by Mr. Sandlin. Our car is in design phase recently but we will update as soon as it gets to hardcore development. Also it’s a miniature model we’ve been making.

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