Design Expert Improves The Design Of These 7 Kitchen Gadgets

A Design Expert Improves The Design Of These Kitchen Gadgets

Have you ever wondered about how to make proper use of the posh kitchen slicing gadgets and if there was any way to make them function even better? If yes, then you are not alone. There is a lot of us who don’t really know to make use of a variety of kitchen gadgets and that is where a particular design expert comes in!

A Design Expert Improves The Design Of These Kitchen Gadgets

Sure, we see some of these amazing kitchen gadgets while we are out shopping and we buy them and bring them home. While yes, some of them are lifesavers and can really cut down the cooking time; there is a huge number of gadgets that don’t do as well as you would have expected them to do!

The video featured in this article shows a design expert making excellent use of his knowledge and skills for testing and suggesting how seven kitchen slicing gadgets can be improved. These suggestions come once the effectiveness and usability of the slicing gadgets have been tested. The gadgets that have been included in the video include Watermelon Windmill, Slap Chop, Pineapple Slicer, Clever Cutter, Strawberry Huller, Apple Peeler, and Corn Kernel Stripper.

A Design Expert Improves The Design Of These Kitchen Gadgets

Some these are actually quite identifiable because their apparent names whereas for the ones that are not this obvious; you will have to watch the video to learn about their use. The design expert even came up with a fun way of determining the usability of the said gadgets. He used a good amount of oil on his left hand to see if the gadgets were still easy to use. Mind you; he is naturally right-handed.

The purpose of these gadgets is to minimize kitchen stress while also increasing the productivity of the person working in the kitchen. Although some of these do perform the job quite well; there are many who actually do quite the opposite of their intended goal because of poor design. However, by redesigning these gadgets; the expert is able to really enhance their usability.

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