Denmark’s New Wind-Powered Vertical Farm To Produce 1000 Tons Of Greens A Year

A latest vertical indoor farm being designed on the outskirts of Copenhagen will produce 1,000 metric tons of greens yearly. Created in a partnership between Danish startup Nordic Harvest and Taiwanese tech company YesHealth Group, the farm will let crops grow indoors throughout the winter that usually have to be imported.

As Fast Company published, Nordic Farm states that alike farm wrapping an area the size of 20 soccer fields could completely provide for the country’s total requirement for vegetables. The technology for the farm was created by YesHealth Group, a company that has dedicated the previous decade towards designing vertical farm tech.

The company made the largest vertical farm in Taiwan — which is earning a profit out of its products and the largest vertical farm in China, which provides free food to a company’s employees.

YesHealth Group’s collaboration with Nordic Harvest gives the company a strong spot in Denmark’s sustainable food-tech market. Their latest facility will work using hydroponics, a technology used mostly in all indoor farms. This lets food to grow with less water and doesn’t need the use of any pesticides.

The new farm will be bigger than 75,000 square feet (6,967 square meters) and will run completely on wind power. As lots of the working parts of the farm operate automatically; hence, labor costs for the owners are also less.

YesHealth Group manufactures its own LED lights, which have been perfected over the last decade to be as efficient as possible to minimize the farm’s electricity requirements. The company states that its products will be priced similar to organic greens to start with, and prices will become less as the technology becomes more advanced.

As per Fast Company, YesHealth Group intends to grow globally, including other areas in Europe and Singapore, the Philippines, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa next year.

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