Denmark Has Found A New Way To Recycle Junk Wind Turbine Blades – Bike Shelters

Now that’s recycling done right.

As the world is realizing the harmful effects of using non-renewable energy sources, more and more companies are switching towards alternative greener solutions which help to reduce emissions and create a more sustainable world. On the other hand, for generating renewable energy, there’s a higher need for the production of renewable energy technologies such as wind turbines which in turn is increasing the equipment waste on our planet.

When it comes to green energy, Denmark is one of the few that is leading in this venture. The country generates around 40% of its total energy needs from wind and hopes to increase it up to 70% by 2030 (Talk about an actual greener future). In order to fulfill this goal, Denmark has also constructed a lot of wind turbines which on average have a lifespan of about 20-25 years. As a result, the huge blades are not recyclable or biodegradable and often end up in landfills and waste a ton of area.

To overcome this waste problem, the Danish government has commissioned some companies with the task of coming up with ways to recycle this waste over a period of three years. Among them include the Re-wind Network which has come up with an ingenious solution to recycle Denmark’s old wind turbine blades by turning them into public bike shelters, pedestrian bridges and parking areas for commercial use at large.

The research team of Re-wind is now exploring the potential of using old turbine blades in architectural and engineering structures and how far is the idea feasible in real life. The idea would be implemented in Denmark in the start and then hopefully it will spread to other countries as well which are eager for a greener environment.

If renewable energy equipment can be recycled, then it would only increase the benefits of using renewable energy as compared to traditional energy sources.

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