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The Internet is a fascinating place, with its infinite depth and wisdom, it offers an information resource unprecedented in human history. But among all these oceans of knowledge, there also lurks dangers of your own private information being sabotaged and exposed to everyone. We know that there is an increasing risk of this occurrence with the elaborate usage of social media and the web analytics software “collecting” (read spying on) our data and web habits to “improve our web experience.” So, what can you do to stop your dark and dirty secrets from being available to public?

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The website Deseat might help you solve the problem to some extent. The website has been created by Swedish developers Linus Unnebäck and Wille Dahlbo in a bid to allow you to wipe out your digital existence for good. can delete your data from websites like LinkedIn, Evernote or Facebook, meaning you can work towards wiping out your personal information and footprint on the web, at least to some extent. You only require to enter your Gmail account and provide the website privileges to scan your data. The website then automatically creates a list for you to choose from, and provides easy to use Remove links to delete these accounts, and celebrate your newfound freedom! takes about an hour to complete the process, which is a fair time considering how many accounts we create on the web.

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According to the creators of the site:

“Privacy and data security is something we regard as extremely important. In fact, it is our number one focus from beginning to end. That’s why we built it to run on your computer. So basically the only thing you’re telling us is what accounts you want to delete. That’s it, and since we use Google’s OAuth protocol we don’t have access to any of your login information.”

There is a problem that you can only search and terminate the accounts that are related to that particular Gmail account. Let’s say, you had different accounts for different services; you would need to repeat the process for each one. Also, the website can’t delete any posts that are present on your friend’s account. For example, if someone else tagged you on any post, they will remain in infamy forever until your friend deletes it.

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Still, this is a great fix for most of your web woes, and can surely come in handy in these days where data leaks and information sell outs are becoming a horrible norm.

What are your thoughts on the idea of wiping out your digital existence? Comment below!

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  1. Jaime Da Silva Reply

    I am not on any of those sites and never have been for the same reasons people want t delete themselves now. An inch foresight is worth a mile of hindsight.

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