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Delete These 11 Things From Your Facebook Right Away


People should be wise not to believe the huge spectacle that has been arranged by the media and government these days. A hearing which is taking place to create an illusion that government might solve the issue created by Facebook and they might hold the company accountable for data collection and abuse of public privacy. The truth is that when something starts receiving 24-hour coverage in the mainstream media news cycle, a solution is not always in sight. There is surely a reason that Facebook is getting so much attention on its data collection policies.

No matter what games are being played at the government and agencies level, you should make sure that you delete the following things from your Facebook to protect your privacy.

Delete The People You Don’t Know

Delete everyone who you added just to get some extra likes on your posts. Only keep the people on your list you consider reliable and trustworthy.

Your Birthday

Displaying information such as birthdays can make it easier for people to steal your identity. It’s okay to not get many birthday wishes as long as your identity is safe.

Children Photographs

Why do parents even post photographs of their children online is something which is ununderstandable. Agencies like CPS look for any kind of excuse to steal kids from parents. But still, parents keep posting the pictures.

Your Phone Number

Your address can be discovered by using your phone number and some right tools. If your data can be unlocked using your phone number, a lot of other data can also be unlocked about you and nobody needs to know that.

Which School Your Child Goes To

Child predators are not a joke at all. A report given by NSPCC found out that sexual offenses are rising with time. The report states, “Police recorded 36,429 sexual offenses against children in the UK in 2013/2014… in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland police recorded the highest number of sexual offenses against children in the past decade.”

Location Services

If you are disclosing your location on Facebook and not expecting any consequences then are you a fool or are you a fool?

Your Manager

What’s the point of adding your boss on your Facebook anyway? Don’t add them unless your boss also considers you as an equal.

Your Vacation Information

According to This Is Money, many travelers were robbed of their possessions while they were on vacation. This happened because they were publicly posting about their plans to vacation. This way they also risked their insurance claims denied.

Your Relationship Status

As long as you keep it hidden from social media, chances of you staying happy are more. In other case, chances of they getting targetted because someone wants to hurt you are more.

Your Bank Information

If you are receiving money through Facebook, make sure you delete the debit card information from your account later on.

Your Travel Ticket

Don’t post your ticket or traveling passes information on Facebook. Predators are always looking for preys out there.

Here is a video which can teach you how to delete all of your posts from Facebook which can make you vulnerable in any way.