Declassified Video Shows The Terrifying DragonFire Laser Weapon In Action

A striking demonstration of military technology in recently declassified footage shows the UK’s DragonFire laser weapon in use. The advanced laser system cost 100 million pounds ($127 million) to develop and has been shrouded in secrecy since its launch in 2017.

DragonFire laser is a 50 kW class product in the form of weapons focused on bundles of doped glass fibers. Form it into a beam using the British method of forming beams together. It is mounted on the turret and has an auxiliary laser and electro-optical camera for precise target acquisition and beam adjustment. Footage recently released by the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) offers a rare glimpse into the weapon’s capabilities and demonstrates its effectiveness against multiple targets.

This video shows the laser target detection and selection system and its successful commissioning and test operation on a British Army static bench in the Hebrides, Scotland. A video clip demonstrates DragonFire’s ability to be deployed on the battlefield, where it can intercept ships, blind drones, and eliminate airborne threats. Additionally, the Department of Defense released a photo showing a mortar round fired by DragonFire.

Despite its successful testing, DragonFire will not be immediately deployed as a standard weapon with the Royal Navy or the British Army. Instead, it serves as a technology demonstrator, providing valuable data for the development of a second-generation weapon system. This future iteration aims to replace overseas-built components with British-made alternatives, further enhancing the UK’s defense capabilities.

The advantages of laser weapons like DragonFire are evident. With the ability to accurately strike targets at long ranges and at the speed of light, they offer a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional defensive missiles. With each shot costing about £10 (US$13) in operational expenses, the potential for unlimited “ammunition” as long as a secure power supply is maintained represents a significant advancement in military technology.

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