Days of Noisy Kitchen Blenders Are Over. Meet Millo with ‘Air Drive’ Technology

The self-proclaimed “smartest smoothie maker” is here to solve all your first world noisy blender woes. Rather than dealing with loud motors and clunky blades, Millo simply uses brushless electric motors that will help you get your daily fruit and vegetable servings without making a ruckus.

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/Millo

“It’s a blender, not a hammer drill,” the Millo team reminds us on its Kickstarter page. “Neither should it sound like one.”

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/Millo

Millo uses an Air Drive system, magnets and a 1,500 watts motor to make the blades spin at up to 16,000 times per minutes, ensuring that this silent assassin caters for all your blending needs. Besides from being super quiet, Millo also offers a Smart Lid that requires minimum cleaning and is just a rinse away from being ready to be used again. The Smart Lid can also be used as a cover – you can simply take the whole blender with you and use it as the drink holder.

Pic Credits: Kickstarter/Millo

Millo doesn’t have any ugly buttons and operates via simply touching the base and controlling the power by sliding the finger along the edge. The blender also comes with a companion app and various recipes that are predetermined and a nutrition data tracker.

Millo is currently trying to raise £80,000 for its Kickstarter campaign and has already got about £82,020 of the pledged amount. You can pre-order a Millo for the super early bird price of £253, with an estimated delivery date of March 2018.

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