Cybertruck RV Attachment Already Has $50 Million Worth Of Pre-Orders

The excitement around the latest Cyber Truck by Tesla is so high that fans have started pre-ordering accessories already to ensure that they are able to build their new electric pick-ups to their hearts desires once it gets released.

Insider published that Las Vegas located company Stream It has made an RV-accessory named CyberLandr for the upcoming Cybertruck, generating more than $50 million in future revenue.

The latest kit is equipped with a built-in shower, kitchen, and also bed and begins at $40,000. Pre-orders were started at the beginning of the year.

“The humble estimate that we have states the CyberLandr will need to produce at least 10,000 units by 2022,” stated Lance King, CEO Stream It, while talking to Insider.

The bed of the pickup is a decent size and that’s where the add-on will be installed and will take the shape of a high sculpture when not in use. The company describes on its website, “Consumers will be able to move their bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, and kitchen wherever they go.

The company is also expecting the small RV attachment to act like an internet-equipped space to get tasks accomplished, due to a satellite dish to access high-speed internet. Space X is yet to comment on whether it will be supporting mobile-friendly versions of its broadband internet hardware.

While we are yet to view a non-rendered, IRL version of the CyberLandr, the company is aiming to have initial units released when Tesla is going to launch the Cybertruck at the end of this year.

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