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Cue Is A Small Little Gadget That Lets You Perform Medical Tests At Home


From refining the medical processes to bringing health related issues into light; medical science has grown exponentially in the past few years thanks to technology. However, the most beneficial aspect is the advent and growth of fitness gadgets that have allowed every user to monitor and improve their health and take up healthy habits. This post deals with the latest entry in that list by the name of Cue. This device will enable users to be able to perform medical diagnostics at their home.

The gadget is capable of testing five key aspects of health; vitamin D, fertility, inflammation, testosterone and influenza. It has been claimed that Cue is currently the most advanced health product commercially available to the users. Developers admit that these tests are the basic tests which any general physician would perform and are working on introducing more tests with the gadget.

While each test will require a different sample depending upon the test (we won’t be going into those details), the amazing part is how Cue processes the sample and how the results are generated. The sample is loaded onto a test cartridge which is then plugged into the Cue’s sensor unit. The wand that loads the sample into the cartridge is for one time use only and therefore, becomes locked in the cartridge for disposal purposes. Cue’s testing cartridge has the chemistry and micro-fluidic design which makes it capable to prepare a test sample for Cue. The gadget makes use of micro-fluidic technology along with bio-sensors in order to carry out the conversion of the biological sample into digital information.

Now comes the technology part of the whole process; the information is transferred to the application which accompanies the gadget and the app will offer ideas/remedies for any health issues that come out from the test results. The app will also suggest diet plans and activities. Cue founder and CEO, Ayub Khattak says; ‘We created Cue as a tool for people who are interested in connecting with their health in a much more direct, intuitive, and powerful way than ever before. People can now keep daily track of measurements that used to be available only on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. We brought together the best minds and spent over four years creating the most advanced consumer health product we have ever seen.’

The founders have stated for a fact that Cue does not replace the need of a doctor and if the patient feels like, he/she should visit a doctor. Cue comes with a price tag of $149 for Northern Hemisphere in 2015. The product will be available commercially throughout the globe after this with a price tag of $300.