Cubii Let’s You Workout While You Are At Your Desk

Cubii 4

Finding time for exercise for a working man is quite difficult, especially someone who spends most of his day sitting at a desk job. But now this can be regarded as the past due to the recent fitness invention that helps you work out while you’re sitting at your desk, known as the Cubii. It is an elliptical trainer that fits under the desk and allows one to work out while at work desk.Cubii

There have been other solutions to this problem earlier, like the Elliptical Machine Office Desk that hit the market in 2011 and had a hefty price tag on it of US $8,000. And was not designed as well as we would like it to be. It was a little too much complication for an average user. Cubii on the other hand is cheaper and simpler. It costs $319 and comes with a handle to carry it around for portability.

The main idea for Cubii is to provide the user with elliptical movement that is both smooth and safe and in doing so, it keeps the knees of the user away from the underside of the desk. The machine has been decided so that the user may not have a second thought while using it.  It’s really really quiet and smooth so that the user is not distracted while working. And also so that others nearby won’t get disturbed either.Cubii 5

It has been estimated that working out on Cubii can burn almost 120 calories in an hour. And the setting can be configured so that the user is comfortable with the setting and is not sweating all over your workplace.Cubii 3

The Cubii can be linked to the user’s smartphone so that one can keep track of the revolutions, distance travelled and the amount of calories that have been burnt. These details can also be shared on the user’s social media account.Cubii 2

The Cubii idea was put on Kickstarter and received a funding twice more than the target fund, a total of $80,000. This means that the final product will include Bluetooth along with OTA phone charging. A pretty cool new gadget for every working man out there, No?

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