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Crown Prince Of Dubai Has Spent $800,000 To Buy These Crazy Amphibious Cars

No, this isn’t just a concept folks; the amazing amphibious car is all set to hit the market with a price tag of $135,000 and has managed to get everyone’s attention. It is called Panther and is capable of tackling streets as well as rough seas and guess who has enough cash to purchase 6 of these wonderfully created cars? None other than the Crown Prince of Dubai Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammad Al-Maktoum. That’s right, he has ordered 6 of these awesome amphibious cars. While many of us can only look with wonder at such inventions, there are these rich folks who can actually afford them.

The inventor, Dave March, posted a video of this vehicle online back in June 2014 garnering massive attention. The folks interested in purchasing the car include Silicon Valley officials and NASCAR drivers.

March exclaimed, “I’ve got guys that are throwing money at me. It’s a fun position to be in.” Panther is the next installation of previous model that was known as Python. Panther is affordable and comparatively more rugged. The Python could achieve speeds of 60 Mph on water, however, the price of $300,000 rather made it quite impossible for buyers to get their hands on it.

In comparison, Panther is half the price and is small thus making it easier to maintain this car. WaterCar is selling the Panther as a kit and you’d need to hire another party for engine installation. Owners are required to get it registered both as a boat and a car.  Check out this video for more:

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