Creepy Video Shows A ‘Jellyfish UFO’ Not Visible To The Naked Eye At A Base In Iraq

Shocking new footage of an unidentified flying object (UFO) resembling a ‘jellyfish’ has emerged, revealing a craft invisible to the naked eye. The leaked footage, presented by investigative journalist and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, showcases the mysterious entity using two different thermal camera angles over a military base. The UFO’s visibility is limited to thermal imaging, with the object alternating between black and white, indicative of temperature changes from hot to cold.

Corbell disclosed that in 2018, military personnel were instructed to pursue the UFO after it reportedly submerged in water for 17 minutes before rapidly launching out. Witnesses described the object’s hanging ‘legs’ as stiff and unmoving during the incident. The legitimacy of the footage was confirmed by sources risking exposure to provide it to Corbell, who is passionate about unraveling the meaning of UFOs for humanity.

Corbell’s revelations are part of his documentary “TMZ Presents: UFO Revolution,” aiming to expose what he claims is the “biggest cover-up in the history of the world.” This investigation follows the New York Times’ 2020 disclosure of the Pentagon’s ongoing UFO unit, investigating interactions between UFOs and military pilots. The subsequent House Oversight subcommittee hearing in July 2023 featured three former military officials asserting that the government possesses more knowledge about UFOs than publicly disclosed.

During the hearing, former intelligence officer David Grusch, among the military whistleblowers, suggested that people might have been murdered by the U.S. government as part of a conspiracy to keep UFOs secret. Grusch alleged that the U.S. has held UFOs since the 1930s, engaging in covert back-engineering and disinformation campaigns to prevent public disclosure.

Representative Tim Burchett’s inquiry about murders prompted a cautious response from Grusch, who directed the matter to appropriate authorities. The House Oversight Committee members are scheduled for a classified briefing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), commonly known as UFOs, conducted by the Office of Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Thomas A. Monheim. This classified briefing underscores a growing bipartisan interest in government transparency regarding extraterrestrial phenomena.

The UFO revelations and subsequent government inquiries contribute to an evolving discourse surrounding the existence of unidentified aerial phenomena. As technological advancements provide more opportunities for documentation, public interest and demands for transparency are pushing government officials to confront the mysteries surrounding UFOs and their potential implications. The ongoing investigations aim to lift the veil on a topic that has captivated imaginations for decades, probing the depths of what might be the most significant revelation in the history of human exploration.

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