This Mini Pistol Folds To Become A Credit Card

Credit cards are not the new rage. The first one came out in 1950, and there are not many people that do not own one. You know what is perfect about a credit card? Apart from the fact that it allows you to extract money, its brilliant size. It fits wonderfully in a common-sized wallet, so the tech world began to bring everything down to its marvelous size. The Swiss army knife is no longer the coolest pocket gadget because now there is an Intel desktop PC, Phone Charger, and pretty much every cool thing the size of a credit card. Oh! And most importantly, there is a gun in that amazing size too.

Image: Trailblazer Firearms

North Carolina-based weapon manufacturer, Trailblazer Firearms has made a gun super portable with LifeCard for your security. The company tags it as “the last gun you’ll leave behind” as it hardly even looks like one. The single-shot, single-action 0.22 LifeCard is made with anodized aluminium with a steel trigger and a tilt-up barrel. Weighing only 7 oz., it folds up to become a 3.375-inch x 2.215-inch card, a fatter one though, for its half-inch thickness. That is still not a problem because it can easily fit in your back pocket or even a wallet.

Image: Jared Keller

The LifeCard has an ammo storage of only four rounds and complies with the National Firearms Act, as it is incapable of firing when folded. In this wild world of constant fears, any man or woman can keep it not only feel but also keep themselves safer. The president of the company Aaron Voight said in a statement, “Trailblazer Firearms fully intends to spearhead innovative new firearms products starting with the LifeCard, available later this month. New designs and true innovation have been the exception, and our goal is to be the pioneer laying new trails for gun enthusiasts, designers, and manufacturers.”

Image: Trailblazer Firearms

The LifeCard costs only $400, but the question is how effective it would actually prove when needed. It is not exactly a quick draw weapon and not many gun enthusiast consider it very practical. We are gonna have to wait and see if the LifeCard proves itself in the real world as a dependable firearm or not.

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