Crazy Scientist Creates Jet-Powered Office Chair

The chair sits perfectly for the times when you are frustrated with work and want to ‘Yeet’ your way out of the office with no intentions of coming back whatsoever.

The Youtuber created a pulsejet engine with carbon fiber and fireplace sealant in his last video. Now, the Youtube channel ‘Integza’ makes us venture on a journey to find out whether his developed engine could successfully create thrust. Later, he put it to test by sticking it on an office chair, and spun it around, because that’s what we all might do!

For those who don’t know, a pulsejet engine is a type of jet engine and is used as a lightweight form of jet propulsion. It works through a combustion process occurring in pulses and accelerating a contained mass of air to breathe in a fresh mass of air to restore the cycle. The whole video sees Integza trying to measure and increase the engine’s thrust.

Once he achieves as much thrust as possible, he uses it to ‘move something’ by spinning his office chair into a lever by calling levers the “biggest hack in physics.”

The guy said that he admits that utilizing it on an office chair wasn’t on his mind when building the pulsejet engine. However, its application on an office chair made it even more fun and terrifying at the same time. Tune in to enjoy the amazing creation below. Enjoy!

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