Watch This Crazy Russian Hacker Start A Fire With An Ice Sphere

Igniting fire with ice

Starting a fire is considered one of the biggest achievements of the early humans. Now that starting a fire has become the easiest of tasks that we know, people are coming up with the weirdest of ideas to make it happen; using water bottles, lemons, pencils, and even making poor anthills a victim of magnifying glass fires. Using the convex lens of a magnifying glass is quite a practical way of starting a fire. Is there a way of achieving the same effect with ice?

The YouTube celebrity behindĀ Crazy Russian Hacker, Taras Kul tried to light a fire using a sphere of ice. He made the sphere with a mold from a goods store. The guy sticks to using char cloth for creating any kind of fires, whether by friction or by focused rays as it absorbs the sun’s rays much better. You can easily prepare it yourself, so he used char cloth along with coconut husk.

A lot of videos appear on YouTube showing interesting experiments, but you can not try them at home. The supplies for this one are very easy to find so you can attempt this at home, not forgetting the safety obviously.

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