Crack The Code, Get The Job – Software Company Puts Up Advertisement Written in Code

WOTO Job advert2

How many of you have seen the word’s first job advertisement that has been written completely in code? The advertisement comes from a company named Woto and is based in London. Apparently, they are looking to hire a creative designer but the aforesaid person needs to be good at coding too if he/she wants the job.WOTO Job advert4

The co-founder and CEO of Woto, Ian Collins, said that posting a standard job advertisement won’t have helped them in ‘separating the wheat from the chaff’. That is why the company opted for a unique approach to post ads. The co-founder Ekin Caglar asserted, “As a company embracing the future, we want to employ young people who can “talk our talk” but also learn and develop at the same rate as the technology around us.”WOTO Job advert3 WOTO Job advert6

A few de-coded parts of the advertisement go as follows, “Woto’s creators are after a savvy tech/digital intern, to help them make Woto whirl over the next few months. The role would be a varied one and enable you to hone your skills in a number of areas, from copywriting to coding. We are expecting a Woto page from you with your application to this email.”WOTO Job advert

Sophie Kurta, from Sense Communication, is in charge of launching the website. She thinks that using the coding approach is a ‘fun way of doing job adverts.’ She went on to talk about how coding has been added as part of the primary and secondary school curriculum in UK. The advert, as she puts it, is a great of way of keeping up with the advancement that is being made. Woto was launched earlier this month and already has a user base of 10,000 with company planning to crank it up a little bit in the coming months.WOTO Job advert6

A pretty cool way to hire, isn’t it?

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