Corporations Want To Put Ads In Your Dreams

This sounds like something big organizations would do. Something like sleep hypnotism if you ask me. Big brands from Xbox to Burger King are teaming up with scientists to engineer advertisements into willing consumer’s dreams. Imagine you go to sleep only to dream about that new burger deal happening at Burger King or how the new Halo multiplayer is going to be free-to-play. That sounds alarming but do not worry, around 40 dream researchers have spoken out about dream manipulation in an online letter.

The online letter dubbed the practice “targeted dream incubation”. According to the letter, Molson Coors plans to run the campaign during the days before Super Bowl Sunday to alter the dreams of the nearly 100 million Super Bowl viewers the night before the game, to have them dream about Coors beer in a clean, refreshing, mountain environment or while watching the super bowl it seems.

The researchers said that “Dream incubation advertising is not some fun gimmick, but a slippery slope with real consequences. Our dreams cannot become just another playground for corporate advertisers”. But how does this work exactly?

Apparently, it’s as simple as watching a series of videos and audio clips. Dream incubation basically uses videos and audio or some other sensory cues to shape people’s nighttime visions. “Planting dreams in people‚Äôs minds for the purpose of selling products, not to mention addictive substances, raises important ethical questions”, the letter said. Molson Coors even released a video about their new dream advertisements.

It seems though that current dream incubation requires active participation from those who want to be part of this but leep researchers warn that this could usher in a new dark reality where corporations employ passive TDI tactics through things like smart speakers, smartphones or maybe even smart watches.

I’m looking at you Alexa.

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