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Batman and iPhones 5 2

Batman and iPhones 5 4Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives and we feel its absence if we have to spend even a day without our smartphone. Such importance of smartphones has led to many other inventions and innovations. We recently covered an article on smart-planes using a smartphone for its flight control.

Batman and iPhones 5 We all are fans of Batman, those who say otherwise need to go on a self-realization journey. Keeping this in mind, Bandai Toymaker from Japan decided to come up with something that would really rack up their sales. Say hello to iPhone 5/5s case which has been designed to imitate a Batmobile Tumbler. Bandai took into consideration the love of fans for the Batman’s ride all around the world and how much people are into buying smartphones these days.

What has forced us into covering this case? Well, this isn’t your ordinary case. This particular case will render you as the coolest person amongst your social circle and here’s how. The case comes with its own set of flashlights that light up the jet exhaust and is also able to project quite a number of projections. Your microphone and thunderbolt holes become a part of the exhaust system as well. The tires are movable so yeah you can actually have fun at your desk.


Batman and iPhones 5 3

For notifications; the flashlights are lit which result in the firing up of jet exhaust and four other LED lights. The case will be sold at a price of $57 and will be delivered in March 2014. Interested folks, we know there is a large number of them, better start placing your orders now!

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