Cooki Is A Robot Chef That Cooks Food For You

Cooki Robot Chef by Sereneti3

Cooking has become a lost art with all the fast food out there. No one has time to cook anymore. Sereneti Kitchen has unveiled Cooki, a robotic chef that cooks food the way your family would. Currently it is on display at the Consumers Electronic Show in prototype form. Cooki Robot Chef by Sereneti4

You’re probably wondering how this works. Basically, what you do is open the company’s app on your smart device (iOS or Android) and select a recipe. Once you’ve done that, you get out the ingredients: fresh, pre-cut, pre-washed, pre-portioned food, available from Sereneti Kitchen for delivery. Load the food trays into the side of Cooki and then just tapping on your smart device puts the wheels in motion. A small robotic arm suspended above the cooking pot and heating surface does the cooking and stirring just like a human arm would. Each ingredient is added to the pot at the right time and temperature. When Cooki is done, a message pops up on your device: ‘Food is ready.’ The robotic arm and the pot are detachable and washable. Cooki Robot Chef by Sereneti2

Serenti Kitchen claims that their meals are priced at about $4-$5 per meal, pretty much the same price as a frozen meal. The company is trying to promote conserving food and encourage healthier eating habits with their ingredient trays that are proportioned. Cooki Robot Chef by Sereneti

The price of this robotic chef is $99 with a special subscription of $49 per month for 10 economy meals per month over a period of three years. Haidee and Helen, two 18 year old twins in the Atlanta area, founded Sereneti Kitchen. They say “If almost everything in our lives happens with the push of a button, why can’t we push a button to cook?” The prototype on display at CES is made from aluminium, but the team plans to make it from injection molded plastic. If all goes as planned, the team hopes to deliver the first units by December 2015, followed by a full commercial launch in 2016.

Don’t forget to watch the video below to see Cooki in action!

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