Convert Your Old Cooler Into Something More Amazing With This Simple DIY


The art of creating new things out of the apparently useless  things is not something new. However, The idea that what should the old thing be used for  is something that needs minute observations and a thought process .

The thing featured in this post is one of the really old coolers which will be converted to something really amazing and useful with a little effort. The process of converting this old cooler in something amazing has been highlighted in the photos which are pretty self explanatory of how the transformation occurred.

So this was the initial condition of this cooler which was selected. What happens to it later is what will make many jaws dropped.


A wooden frame is needed to be built too in the process.Here, the frame is ready with a body strong enough to hold the weight of the cooler.


The next phase would be to attach timber to the sides so that a tarnished or a complete look could be achieved.




And then a tap would be inserted to assist the drainage.



And the drainage tap was attached to the box like that.


The upper part of the cooler was then attached with hinges so that proper insulation could be achieved.




And this is what the perfection looks like in form of this wooden cooler which can be beneficial and more purposeful in hot summer days.

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