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Convert Any Glass Bottle Into A Cool Lamp With These Easy Steps

What do you do with empty glass bottles? Chances are that you have it recycled, however, after reading about this DIY trick you are going to keep them. By using some paper coasters and an LED light, you can create an amazing light source that doesn’t require electricity or any glass cutting skills.

You’ll require an empty bottle, LED light, cutting implement and cardboard coasters.

The next step is about tracing a circle around the LED light.

Cut the traced circle out of coaster – this hollow shall be filled by the LED light.

You need 8 of these!

When cutting the final coaster, cut a bit smaller than previous ones in order to cover the colored part of light thus imparting a clean look.

Glue these coasters together now and have the light placed inside them.

Add the top coaster to the assembly once you’re done.

Place the bottle on top of the coaster and that’s it!

Check it out!