Construction Crew In Brazil Discovers The World’s Biggest Anaconda Measuring 10 Meters In Length


A construction crew working in Brazil have recently discovered and recorded a video of a massive anaconda. Reports are that this could be the largest snake ever recorded in the history.

The snake was found living in a cave when the construction crew opened it using a controlled explosion and then cleared the debris.

The video shows the beast and its massive body proportions, with 10m in length and about 1 meter in diameter!

According to estimates, this Amazon snake is to weigh more than 400 kg.

The Guinness Book of World Records shows the enormous 7.67 meters reticulated python (python reticulatus) as the largest snake ever held in captivity in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. And in the accounts of National Geographic, Green Anacondas can reach lengths of up to 8.8 meters, so if the length of this anaconda is confirmed, this could very well be the longest, the heaviest and the largest snake ever recorded.

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