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Connection Key Diagnoses Whats Wrong With Your Car In A Few Seconds

Connection Key – Determine What’s Wrong with Your Car4

Check out this amazing new gadget from Mechanic Advisor – Connection Key. The gadget has been designed with the aim to help car owners identify what is wrong with their car when the check engine light lights up and also to allow them to monitor the car’s health. The gadget will also connect the owner to one of the half million mechanics helping them to get to the issue right away.

Connection Key is to be plugged into the OBDII port that comes as a standard for cars created after 1996. It then pairs up with an Android or iOS device and provides data in real-time while being able to decode more than 20,000 error codes. This essentially puts it in the same league as the diagnostic tools that mechanics use to determine what is wrong with the vehicle. The gadget can inform the user when to change the oil of the car.

In case of a potential problem, you will be informed about the issue and your connection to the mechanic is made. You can simply head over to the shop and have the mechanic look into the matter. By keeping the owner aware of their car’s condition, the gadget can help diminish the distrust that is usually associated with repair shops.

Connection Key will have all the data being transferred encrypted. It can be pre-ordered for $50 while the price will increase to $75 when it becomes available.

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