Concorde Will Be Flying Again By 2019


The Concorde is the only mass-produced functioning supersonic airliner in history. It used to hit speeds around 2.0 Mach and carry a hundred passengers too, thus taking less time than any other passenger jet. Despite the obvious advantage, it was grounded by Aviation authorities around the globe since the high-speed caused problems on runways and nearby structures due to the intense noise of the famous aircraft. Its popularity is still high in public thanks to its unique position of being the only supersonic airliner and has attracted fans and enthusiasts from around the globe. So, 12 years after ending its flying operations, a fan club with loads of cash wants to revive the furore of the aircraft and see its take-off again.


Based on the findings of an article from Telegraph, the mega-rich club will purchase two Concordes and use one to make a popular tourist attraction cum themed restaurant at the bank of river Thames in London. It has earmarked 40 million pounds just for this purpose. The other part of their claim is more difficult to achieve as it intends to purchase the Concorde at Le Bourget Airport in Paris and spend millions of dollars in renovating it. Once it is fully airworthy again, it will be used for special flights and bookings include private chartering and other demonstrations.

The date chosen for the first launch of the revamped Concorde will be done at the Golden Jubilee of the aircraft’s launch since the first flight was done in 1979. If the project is successful as they are hoping, the fan club will purchase more Concordes and expand their operations, So, it is not just a fan club but also a dedicated group with business interests as well.


The Concorde was operated by British Airways and Air France till 2003 when a fatal crash saw a flight crash into a nearby hotel soon after lift-off in the year 2000. More than 113 people were killed in the raid in that tragedy and this group must come up with safety schemes if it wants to see the project to its completion.

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