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A Comparison Of The iPhone 7 And iPhone 8 In New Leaked Photos And Video

The iPhone 8 is highly anticipated especially after the release of the rival Samsung Galaxy S8. There have been many rumors as to what the phone will look like and what features it will offer. The YouTube channel 9to5Mac posted a video obtained by Shai Mizrachi showing an iPhone 8 dummy phone confirming the previous leaks about the phone.

The bezel-less OLED display that we have been expecting was seen on the dummy with a vertical dual lens camera and an elongated power button. Apple has eliminated the physical home button in the front, and there is no Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the back. So we are more assured of the rumor that said the Touch ID fingerprint sensor would be embedded in the display. The design matches all the rumors about the phone that we have heard so far.


A few photos were also shared by 9to5Mac comparing the new iPhone 8 to the iPhone 7 Plus, showing that it will be smaller than the previous Plus versions. Except for a little area at the top of the screen, the OLED display covers the entire front side of the phone. The images and the video clearly show the front speaker, but the front-facing camera and the sensors are not very visible.

The release of iPhone 8 is expected around September after Apple’s keynote event.

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