Ripsaw EV2 Is The World’s First Commercially Available Luxury Tank

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Sick of all those frustrating traffic jams? Can’t take another day of all the honking and the head banging misery? While people like Elon Musk are looking to dig under the roads to placate the problem, why not drive over the pesky cars like you always do in your wildest fantasies?

Whether you want to crush everyone in your path literally, or you are an ‘extreme off road” enthusiast, the world’s first luxury tank – the Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Luxury Tank – is here to save the day!

Pic Credits: Howe And Howe Technologies

“It’s a luxury, high-speed vehicle,” explains one of its makers, Mike Howe. “You hit a button and the gull-wing doors pop up just like a Lamborghini.”

Pic Credits: Howe And Howe Technologies

“Inside you have eight-way leather seats, reverse camera, cameras up top, state of the art tracks, state of the art suspension…”

Mike and his brother Geoff Howe states how the design began as part of their lifelong hobby of creating and inventing things. When they created the platform ‘Ripsaw’ back in 2013, it immediately caught the eyes of the US Army, who ordered a prototype for testing. Soon it turned out to be the “fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed” and even got on the cover of Popular Science magazine.

Pic Credits: Howe And Howe Technologies

Later that year, the brothers decided to commercialize the cutting edge technology and sell it to the high-end, luxury market. The duo spent “thousands of man hours” on the project, and finally came up with the ‘Ripsaw EV2’, which is:

“handcrafted, limited run, high end luxury super tank, developed for the public.”

Pic Credits: Howe And Howe Technologies

Gizmag reports that the Ripsaw EV2 has

“a power winch, gull-wing doors, a high-intensity light bar, 12 inches of suspension travel, and a diesel engine that puts out over 600 hp. And the interior looks like something out of a Batman movie.”

Pic Credits: Howe And Howe Technologies

The “Batmobile” also includes a night vision and thermal imaging system, which means you can get clear images of the road ahead and your surroundings without ever turning on the headlights.

“You can shut all the lights off at night and the vehicle is completely dark and you can run 60 miles an hour down the road and see everything you need to see to be able to drive safely,” says Mike.

The company takes about six months to hand craft a Ripsaw EV2, and obviously, it costs tens of hundreds of dollars which the company makes sure you can afford before they start the manufacturing.

Pic Credits: Howe And Howe Technologies

Currently, the Howe boys are working on a 2,000 horsepower EV2, which is nearly four times as power as the standard one!

“We have no idea how it’s going to work out,” says Mike Howe. “We’re riding that edge between what’s physically possible and what’s a dream.”

Better not piss off the person who owns this bad boy!


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