Company Transforms School Bus Into Luxury RV

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Renting a bus-sized Recreational Vehicle can be expensive and almost out of reach for some. Well, the people at GoodNewsBus have gone one step further and converted a school bus into a luxury RV.

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The team purchased a 1995 International Genesis School Bus in 2009. The International school buses were built on the same chassis as the International truck. This school bus stayed in duty for ever a decade, ferrying children from home to school and back again until the team from GoodNewsBus took over. They emptied the bus of everything, including the green seats that everyone knew so well and began to install things that they believed should belong in a luxury RV. The exterior of the bus was stripped of its yellow paint and the windows in the middle section of the bus were covered.

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The improvements to the interior included polished wooden panels throughout the bus, tables, a full kitchen dinette and even a bathroom with a shower. Of course, the interior would be incomplete without a couple of flatscreens here and there, which is exactly what the builders installed. They also installed stainless steel fixtures and appliances along with stone tile countertops.

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The finished product, with it’s track lighting and high quality furniture, is one that makes you want to move in and live there permanently. With all the amenities of home, this fine bit of luxury on wheels is cheaper and well worth every penny spent on making it.

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