Company Says It Will Host Galactic Combat MMA Fights In Space

I would have liked robot fighting like in the real steel movie but this sounds cool as well. A company just announced plans to host the first-ever MMA fight in outer space, coupled with zero gravity. Meaning fights consisting of the use of a mixture of martial arts that will take place in zero gravity. Sounds doable given the recent advances in space technology with the US, Russia, and China racing to outdo one another.

The weird announcement came from production company Iervolino Entertainment, which’ll be making it happen due to a joint venture with startup company Space 11. They call this type of fighting “Galactic Combat”. They announced that Galactic Combat will take place on a specially designed spacecraft with a built-in “fighting capsule” as it orbits the planet every 90 minutes.

According to the creator Andrea Iervolino, “The sheer spectacle of combat in a zero-gravity environment will make for a ‘can’t miss’ viewing experience that will be truly groundbreaking, and represents what Space 11 is designed to deliver to audiences eager to see limits pushed. A format that requires the most unique training and delivers the most exciting new sports competition will serve fans well”.

They also shed some light on how the fight would take place. According to reports most of the fights will be like a training exercise to get the fighters used to their new environment. There will be a total of 40 participants out of which 32 of them would be eliminated over the course of the training program that makes use of astronaut training equipment. This will allow the fighters to get used to battle in a zero-gravity scenario.

The final eight will then fight for a chance at the grand finale which will take place in the special spacecraft I talked about earlier.

A nice change of pace for people who’re too tired of regular, Newton-approved, fights.

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