Company Designs A New No-Stitch Wound Healing Kit And Has Raised A Whopping $3 Million

KitoTech Medical is a Seattle based medical device company, and its latest product has gone viral due to its effective and efficient healing power. You must have gone through a picture or a video of it online as the product termed as MicroMend is a bandaid with the abilities of stitches. Medical doing its wonders once again!

It can work as a replacement from the traditional stitches and other suturing methods and is a much better alternative as it glues the skin perfectly. The MicroMend is a butterfly-shaped bandage and consists of micro staples.

KitoTech claims its product has proven to show more strength in closing wounds as compared to stitches. MicroMend was in place to launch; however, the company faced difficulties in pitching it out to the hospitals and medical stores due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The product has now given the company a fabulous sale of $3 million as a result of changing the marketing plan. The company was not getting a favorable platform to sell its product and hence started targeting consumers directly. It is kind of a hack for stitching wounds. Many people prefer getting treated at the comfort of their homes instead of going to the hospital, fearing coronavirus. It is hence increasing its likeliness to sell in higher amounts, generating more revenue for the medical device company.

MicroMend has proved itself as the best selling product from KitoTech, ever. Amazingly the firm achieved this mark doing business on Amazon. After MicroMend being a huge success, the company released the creation of the same function and named it MicroMend Wide, respectively.

The latest variant of suturing tape is similar to the basic design of MicroMend, but its wider, which makes it more effective on longer wounds. After the sure success of MicroMend, the firm using the same concept has included five various tapes with a slight difference from each other. MicroMend in different shapes is suitable for differently shaped wounds.

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