Companies Are Creating Fake Profiles On LinkedIn To Lure Customers – But How Can You Tell Them From Real People?

Meet Jessica Lawson, A Dallas-based marketer who sends you a LinkedIn Connection. At first, the profile and the picture on the account look normal. However, the face is a computer-generated fake using a free online tool! And everyone has access to this tool.

“Miranda”, from Plano, TX, shared her narrative about how she met a man on Tinder, which is a dating app for millennials. In the beginning, everything seemed fine, but when she demanded that the person gets on a facetime call, the man looked nothing close to what his photo was on Tinder. He acknowledged that he used the fake profile to get women to “swipe right” on Tinder (Implying that they are interested) because he could not find a match.

Companies are using the AI tool for creating advertisements and testimonials. Compared to hiring real human beings, and paying hefty photographer fees, they choose this option as it is cheaper or costs them almost nothing.

However, one must learn how to tell a fake picture from a real one.

When looking at the image, look at their eyes. The eyes are almost always centered in the middle, and they have a perfect circled iris.

This happens because AI-generated these fake faces based on thousands of real human faces, it assumes that eyes are always centered.

If these images are created for entertainment and people know that they are not real then it’s absolutely fine but if companies are using AI-generated faces for testimonials to sell a product then that’s unethical, and of course, companies will get around that by putting in the fine print.

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