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This 3D Printed Combo Breaker Can Crack A Combination Lock In 30 Seconds

Combo breaker

Samy Kamkar, the hacker behind the Samy Worm virus in MySpace and the Keyboard Key tracker is back again with a new gadget of destruction; The combo breaker. So, it might be a good idea to get rid of the combination locks and look for an electronic alternative.

The combo breaker can break a combination lock within 30 seconds. If placed around the combination clock. It will take 30 odd seconds and snap it open. The trick behind this illegal gadget is that Samy Kamkar found out a design flaw in the lock that allowed him to take advantage and crack it. By carefully observing the dial and the mechanics, he soon discovered that a successful unlocking could be done in only eight attempts. Nevertheless, the process isn’t that easy to execute as it takes a lot of autonomous decision-making to arrive at that solution. So Kamkar had to automate the process into an operating machine.

The combo breaker uses two motors to rotate the dial and the other to open the lock when required. It is operated by a battery, and the coding has been done on a software running on an Arduino controller. It is a mini computer in itself. The outer casing holding the equipment is firm, and it was printed using 3D printing technology. Samy Kamkar has been somewhat of a white hacker as he has been releasing his work and all the blueprints online. Although this kind of device could create havoc, it poses a little danger as of yet since it is only operable on a particular type of combination lock only, and that too a cheap one.

Kamkar claims that the design is working, and everybody can make it int their homes for a mere 100 dollars using 3D printing machines.

Take a look at the video here: