College Student “Accidentally” Builds Explosive – Forcing Bomb Squad To Detonate It

A University of Delaware student “accidentally” produced a small amount of a “shock-sensitive explosive chemical” in one of the university’s labs, according to the Newark Post.

The incident in the university lab on Wednesday afternoon led to the evacuation of numerous campus buildings.

The event started at Lammot Dupont Lab, home to the chemistry, biochemistry, and marine sciences departments and situated on the UD Green to the east of Memorial Hall.

Emergency personnel responded to an “isolated hazardous materials situation related to an experiment,” according to UD spokesman Peter Bothum at the lab. Inadvertently, students created a small amount of a shock-sensitive chemical explosive.

Before the media were told to leave the premises, UD grounds staff, UD police officers, and a member of the Delaware State Police Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit were beginning to dig a hole in front of Memorial Hall.

Around 5:45 p.m., the state police crew transported the chemicals to The Green and destroyed them using a controlled explosion. Officials withheld any further information regarding the substance.

Students gathered on the ledge of Rodney Dining Hall on Academy Street to see the adventure, as depicted in a video given to the Newark Post. The explosion on The Green produced smoke and flames, as well as a massive boom.

“We’re grateful for the collaboration of emergency responders on campus and from state and local agencies to achieve a safe resolution to this situation,” Mark Seifert, UD associate vice president for emergency management and safety, said in a prepared statement.

“We appreciate the patience and cooperation of everyone in the UD community as we worked to resume normal operations as swiftly and safely as possible.”

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