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Watch This YouTuber Create An Insane 20-Foot Fire Tornado

fire tornado

Source: Gizmodo

Don’t people always tell you not to play with fire? Well, they are quite right, and it is probably best for your safety that you stay away from it. A YouTuber Colin Furze considers fire as an exciting thing instead of a dangerous one. He even proved so by creating a fire tornado.

The British garage inventor, Furze amazes people with his mad creations. He even created fully-automated X-Men Wolverine claws, but this article revolves around something which is way more dangerous. Watch him create a giant spiral of flames, possibly the tallest ever, made by a human. The materials required for the fire tornado are a go-kart and a 20-foot cage. This idea may be the most fantastic one for fireworks, but if mishandled, it can result in burning the entire city to ashes.

Watch the go-kart spin around the fire for some New Year fireworks. Though it is too late to enjoy new year’s, yet, that wouldn’t make this video any less enjoyable.

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