Coke Just Brought An AI-Generated Ad To The Superbowl – And It Is Extremely Creepy

The competition among advertisers is intensifying as the Super Bowl approaches, with everyone hoping to secure a moment of prominence. One of them, Bodyarmor, a sports drink owned by Coca-Cola, made an interesting move by releasing an AI-generated advertisement prior to the big game.

Adtitled “Field of Fake,” it immerses viewers in a bizarre world of pulsating Gatorade containers and morphing human parts, all while a robotic narration extols the merits of “real hydration” amid an artificiality sea. The video is an audacious attempt to capitalize on the current interest with AI-generated content and showcase the product’s legitimacy. It was made utilizing classic VFX and machine learning technologies in conjunction with GenAI video and audio pipeline.

According to Bodyarmor’s VP of brand strategy Kristen Rumble, the concept stemmed from a desire to juxtapose “real” against “artificial,” with AI being the natural choice for embodying the latter. Tom Gargiulo, the brand’s chief marketing officer, further emphasized the strategic use of AI to convey their message in a memorable and attention-grabbing manner.

This isn’t the first time AI has infiltrated the realm of Super Bowl advertising. Last year witnessed the infamous “Pepperoni Hug Spot” and the mind-bending “AI beer commercial,” signaling a growing trend in leveraging AI’s capabilities for marketing endeavors.

Even with the advancements in AI-generated content, seamless integration is still a long way off. According to Reuters, there is a growing trend in the advertising sector towards the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) as large advertisers are resorting to generative AI software to save expenses and streamline production processes.

One thing is certain as we navigate this changing environment: businesses will keep experimenting with AI-generated content, albeit to differing degrees of success. In the world of advertising, viewers can anticipate more bizarre and unnervingly familiar encounters until the distinctions between real and fake become entirely blurred.

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