Coffee Haters Invent Sprayable Caffeine For Consumption Through Skin


Don’t Like Coffee Absorb Caffeine through the Skin with Sprayable Energy-4If you are one of those people who do not like coffee, but still need to deal with endless work hours, here’s a solution for you. You can absorb caffeine through your skin with Sprayable Energy. Sprayable Energy is a patent-pending invention that allows you to get all the energy boosts caffeine has to offer, without the bitter taste of coffee on your taste buds. The spray is absorbed through the skin, much like osmosis and circulated throughout the body over a period of several hours, giving you a long-lasting caffeine buzz.

Don’t Like Coffee Absorb Caffeine through the Skin with Sprayable Energy-3A campaign has been launched recently, by 21-year-old Ben Yu and his partner Deven Soni on crowd funding platform Indiegogo for this ground-breaking product referred to as Sprayable Energy. The plastic can contains an odourless, colorless formula that gives users that highly craved for energy boost without the dreaded caffeine aftertaste. According to Yu, coffee didn’t appear to be working for him, but he needed roller coaster ride of energy. Hence he started working on a substitute for the popular bitter-sweet beverage in October 2012, while pursuing a degree in biochemistry. He started out by researching how nicotine patches worked, and like any novice inventor, acted as the test-subject for his own experiments. After immense of hard work, and a little help from his father, a PhD in chemistry, Ben came up with a special formula containing water, a derivative of the amino acid tyrosine, and caffeine that could be sprayed on the skin and offer the same energy buzz of coffee without the pungently bitter taste and caffeine jitters. Now all they needed was an extra $15,000 to develop the product line.

Don’t Like Coffee Absorb Caffeine through the Skin with Sprayable Energy-2Sprayable Energy is supposed to be applied much like perfume on the neck, wrists or wherever else someone might spray a fragrance. The caffeine content in each dose is less than a normal cup of coffee, but contains the same amount of energy because, as Ben and Deven explained, that since the product is not being ingested, it is not almost entirely metabolized by the liver before entering your system and becoming available to your body. Thus, a relatively smaller amount of caffeine can give just about as effective energy boost as a large amount of caffeine ingested through an energy drink or cup of coffee. Two sprays on each side of the neck are equivalent to one regular cup of coffee, and for the maximum number of sprays recommended by the manufacturers, is five within five hours, or 20 sprays per day. You’re probably wondering about the product’s safety now, but Yu reassures the consumers that there is no reason for concern, the reason being that not only can a spray can easily be wiped off before it is absorbed into the skin, but considering the worst case scenario that is if you were to spray yourself a thousand times, the saturation effect would prevent an overdose.

The funding campaign, launched by Ben and Deven, for Sprayable Energy has already crossed the targeted $15,000 mark, and Ben states that they hope to make it available in the market by the end of October. Each bottle will contain 40 doses and is expected to retail at $15. But there is one tiny detail you might want to consider before throwing away your coffee supplies. Sprayable Energy has yet to be approved by the FDA, and it is no secret that they have quite a history of rejecting caffeine-based products.

Don’t Like Coffee Absorb Caffeine through the Skin with Sprayable Energy-1But does Sprayable Energy really work as the inventors claim? We have yet to try it, but Fast Company’s Anya Kamenetz tried it throughout her workday and reported that every dose took between two and seven minutes to take effect, making her feel it was just another day with a hectic schedule and she had taken her regular cup of coffee.

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