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You Can Now Actually Pre-Order This Walking Laptop


(Credit: Cocoa Motors)

Innovations in the much-famed hoverboards have been coming thick and fast, but we bet you have never seen anything like this before! Looking like a 13-inch four-wheeled laptop from a distance, the WalkCar has the potential to be the latest trend in the world of hoverboards. Last year the manufacturer, Cocoa Motors, was trying to launch a Kickstarter campaign but it never materialized. Just as we thought that the idea had been brushed aside for good, the company came back with a bang and announced that it would begin taking preorders directly later this month.

(Credit: Cocoa Motors)

Having four tiny wheels, a carbon fibre body and weighing just 2.8-kg (6.2-lb) it is easy to ride and to carry when not in use. Just shift your weight towards the side you want to turn and step off back to make it stop. Walkcar has a claimed top speed of 16 km/h (10 mph), which is pretty decent considering its size. The company claims that a full charge of WalkCar battery can go on for approximately one hour of use.

(Credit: Cocoa Motors)

Besides being used for leisure and showing off, it is powerful enough to push a person in a wheelchair up an incline, and it can handle payloads weighing up to 120 kg (265 lb).

(Credit: Cocoa Motors)

Cocoa Motors announced that the preorders would start from Oct. 21st at 1 pm Japan time. The gadget will cost US$1,280, and shipping would start as soon as September next year to 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, North America and Europe.

Watch the WalkCar in action in the new video below:

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