Coca Cola Installs Phone Booths In Dubai Labour Camps That Take Bottle Caps For Money

Coca Cola Hello Happiness

Its a well known fact that labourers in Dubai and UAE have to live through harsh conditions to make ends meet and save money for their families. Labourers have to stay in Dubai for years without any trips back home since airfare is usually not provided by the company as part of the perks. In these circumstances, making a phone call home is the only alternative. However, phone calls are also very expensive. It costs around 90 cents for international calls and it is a huge expense for labourers who make 6 dollars a day on average.
Coca Cola recently came up with another innovative and viral marketing solution by introducing Hello Happiness booths in these labour camps. Check out the video below to see how it works and the big change it brings in the lives of labourers.


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  1. Ronaldo T.C Reply

    LOL, another business trick. Now they’re gonna force the people to buy coca-cola, genius minds…

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