Climate Change Can Still Be Reversed – New Computer Simulations Show How

Climate change has been talked about for the past few decades and its deadly consequences were also discussed earlier. However, none of us actually thought that this appalling change was so close and so destructive. it has come now and there is no waiting anymore. We are going through tough times with regards to climate change, globally. Extreme remedy measures are required to survive now.

It may seem that all hope is lost now. The forest fires, acid rains, melting of glaciers and intense summers and winters have made things very difficult for everyone. However, there is still a ray of hope. According to Ko Barrett, vice-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, there is a possibility of saving the climate and the planet.

There is a set of computer simulations introduced that is based on the data of global economics. There are six simulations of this kind and are called integrated assessment models. Four of them are developed in Europe, one in Japan, and one in the U.S., at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency states that they are trying their level best to adhere to the Paris goals. These models have world data inside their systems. It keeps track of the sources of greenhouse gas emissions including cars, public transport, industries, houses, electricity, trade, etc. Every probable cause of the emissions is fed into the system.

Map of global changes in temperature overlaid with lines representing data and logos representing various controls at the top

The system then generates simulations of a virtual world where these emissions are supposed to be around zero. It generates multiple paths for the alternatives that can be applied to achieve the target of minimizing carbon emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Some systems showed a solution with reduced government practices that involved these emissions while some showed energy-saving housing options, efficient car manufacturing, and use of public transport.

However, the models have their shortcomings. They may not have taken feasible and practical factors into consideration while presenting solutions. Governments and politics are too tricky to be comprehended by these models. Hence, the solutions might not be applicable. Moreover, the model can also be pessimistic. Nevertheless, it is one step forward in combating the already occurring climate change.

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