Claimed as Britain’s Most Beautiful “The Rainbow House” is up For Renting at £15,000/month

The Rainbow House5

AB Rogers was assigned to transform this 4-bedroom house into something that was ‘magical and liberating’ back in 2009. The result was the creation of one of the Britain’s most amazing homes that is capable of making you re-live your childhood all over again.The Rainbow House

The house, known as The Rainbow House, has been listed on the rental market with a price tag of £15,000/month. The house is so amazing because of the features that were incorporated into it which include a slide that allows you to enter the living room. Once AB Rogers was done with the slide, he transformed the house with a 4 colour and fully coordinated floor with a central spiral staircase along with a master bedroom that comes with a bed that can be rotated 360 degrees.The Rainbow House2 The Rainbow House3 The Rainbow House4 The Rainbow House6 The Rainbow House8

However, the home slide is the main attraction of all. The slide links the bedroom and the living room (that has an open plan kitchen) and is accessed via trap door. The Rainbow House is located in west London’s fashionable Portobello Road and is up for renting at a price of £3,500/week. This rent amount is roughly 20 times the average rental cost currently prevailing in UK.The Rainbow House7 The letting agent at Domus Nova, Max Slaught, says; ‘’It is a showcase of cool, contemporary design that completely defies the norms of a domestic interior environment. The steel slide that connects the master suite above to the sofa piazza in the living space below brings out the kid in all of us. In fact, the house itself is like a mechanical toy filled with movement. The master bed rotates 360 degrees, the slide offers a super-fast route between upstairs and down and the sofa’s central section rises and falls like something from the pages of a storybook. Then there are the Richard Woods floors: a fantastical painted illustration of wooden boards. All I can say is, wow.’ Enjoy the video below.

Do you think the house is worth renting at £15,000/month? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.


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