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Chinese Student Invents A Mind-Controlled Cyborg Cockroach

Cyborg cockroach

Run! The cyborgs are here, and they won’t leave any closet, drawer or attic in its original condition! Enter the cyborg cockroaches and they can be controlled with the help of your mind too. Only a few years ago, this kind of technology was considered sci-fi stuff rather than actual development, but this Chinese engineering student now claims to have achieved it in reality.

The inventor put in a specially designed electronic backpack that is used to stimulate the antennae of the anthropoid. Since the antenna is the primary navigational tool of the roach, the stimulated signals can be used to control its movement. Now to control his cyborg, the engineer used an EEG headset to control it with his mind. As a first test, he guided the cockroach around a path that bends into an “S” shape using his brain patterns. Generally, cockroaches cannot follow S-shaped paths correctly as it uses its antennae to determine any obstacles in its path.

The EEG set defines the path of the bug by decoding the information from the brain and sending straight to the backpack worn by the insect. The cerci-sensory organs are also essential to control the cockroach as it can sense if something brushes up against the belly.

The project received critical praise from renowned professionals from around the world. For some of us, it will add fuel to the insect-control conspiracy theories!

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