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Self-Contained Firefighting System Uses Fire Itself As An Energy Source

Fighting wildfire on the ground is one difficult task and no concrete way have so far been invented that can stop them from spreading at such a fast pace that leaves swathes of land barren and wildlife destroyed. Eddie Paul, the innovator behind mechanical sharks and resurrection of some famous auto brands, is back and this time, he claims to have found a good solution in curbing wildfires.

The Sea-can is a self-contained fire fighting system inside a shipping container so that it can be airlifted or truck lifted to the under threat locations easily and swiftly. Once placed there, it can be deployed for a significant effect. Once on the ground, it remains exactly like this until the ambient temperature around the container rises to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a threshold point to be activated. Once it is activated, a set of roof nozzles rise. The sides of the container has copper tubing with water throughout. Once the water reaches 212 Fahrenheit or the boiling point, it begins to boil.

The boiling liquid then powers Eddie’s patented CEM (cylindrical energy module) steam pumps. It is a highly efficient and compact pump design that pumps CAFS fire retardant foam from the top nozzles. The foamy spray covers a basic covered area of 150 square feet diameter. The foam will keep on pumping around the area till the supply lasts and there is plenty inside. Once the temperature is cooled down around the container, the system hibernates back to its original position and all the nozzles disappear as well.

This kind of firefighting system can be particularly useful in a concentrated target area that is causing most of the damage. Also, there are some danger points in forests where the likelihood of a fire occurring are much higher so they can be secured with these sea-cans. Overall, I don’t think it will be helpful in case of a large-scale fire since it spreads too fast and over a large piece of land.

Nevertheless, it is a good concept. What is your take? let us know in the comments section.

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