Chinese Police Have Caught A Burglar Using A Dead Mosquito Left At The Crime Scene

In a unique success, Chinese police were able to track down a burglar using DNA testing of blood from two mosquitos that bit him during the theft.

The thief entered a property in Fuzhou, Fujian province, on June 11 and took many valuables, according to reports. When the police arrived at the scene, the door to the property was closed because the thief had entered the apartment through the balcony.

Unusually, the thief made noodles and eggs, slept under a cover, and lighted mosquito coils. While searching for clues, police discovered two dead mosquitos and blood streaks on the living room wall.

Due to the freshness of the paint, authorities concluded that the blood must be that of the burglar and sent it for DNA testing. The samples matched those of a well-known criminal, Chai, who was arrested shortly after. The criminal confessed to the break-in and four other burglaries after rigorous interrogation.

The fact that he stayed at the flat for the night amused many on Chinese social media.

“How dare he spend the night at the scene,” one person said. “This person really has serious psychological issues.”

“It is revenge from the mosquitoes; I was wrong to think that mosquitoes are useless,” another joked.

DNA testing has frequently been shown to be an essential tool for law enforcement in the country in solving crimes. In recent years, more than 10% of criminal prosecutions in China have relied on technology for significant evidence.

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