Chinese Military Unveils A Mind Controlled Robot

Mind control robots2

The human mind has mythical powers. They say we only use 10% of our brainpower in our entire lives and barely scratch our memory storage’s surface. We also have enough electricity in our brains to light up a small bulb. In this 10% capacity, we have achieved so much then what would 100% be capable of doing? I shudder to think.
Mind controlled robot
The use of mind signals to control robotic limbs and arms has been very efficient, but the proper control of a humanoid robot is still a rarity. In this video, you can see that the Chinese military has developed the technology to control a nao robot from brain impulses.

Mind control robots2

The essential connection between robot control and brain functionality has been discovered and put to use over here. However, the authenticity of the robot function couldn’t be verified. The robot they are using is an ordinary nao robot used in robot football cups and another general applications. If the tech is genuine, it will open new doors in the fields of robotics and military.
Mind control robots1

Here. take a look at the full video:

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