Chinese Man Destroys Maserati With Sledgehammer In Anger!

smash chinese car

Maserati Quattroporte 1Protesting is the right of every human being and we do see protests that are peaceful. The purpose of protesting is to get the message across that we feel we are not being treated fairly. Then there’s Hulk who likes to smash things up when he gets angry! Recently a Chinese man decided to screw the peaceful protesting and opted for Hulk smash n smash plan when he felt his rights were being violated by the car company he had bought Maserati Quattroporte that had cost him $423,000. Nah, he didn’t transform into the big green guy, what he did was simple and managed to get his message across the table quite clearly and without any doubt.

Maserati Quattroporte 2 Known as Wang, our Chinese angry man paid three men for a little service. The service; smash his $423,000 Maserati Quattroporte at the 2013 Qingdao Auto Show. Ah, the satisfaction he must have felt when he saw that windshield break and the body of his ride getting those dents at the hands of those sledgehammers; we sincerely hope that cooled his anger down. So what made him do it? According to Chinese media, Wang told them that he bought the car two years back and had to bring it in for repairs just after two months. There he was charged for new parts, but the dealer replaced broken/faulty parts with second hand ones. Later dealer’s staff was unable to repair the door and even scratched it. Well, that was just intolerable for Wang.

Maserati Quattroporte 3 Like any other sensible man who could take only this much, Wang decided it was time to let of the Mr. nice guy routine and he made up his mind to send a message which would be clear enough to Maserati. He waited for the Qingdao Auto Show and told media beforehand to make sure he gets enough publicity and media coverage. The car was brought to the show with a banner that depicted that Maserati was providing poor service. He then paid three men to smash the cars using sledgehammers; quite an event for the participants of Qingdao Auto Show. The car received serious injuries; broken windscreen, headlights, mirrors and grill and some heavy dents to the body of this luxury car. Wang said; ‘I hope foreign luxury car producers acknowledge clearly that Chinese consumers are entitled to get the service that is commensurate with the brand.’  There many other who feel the same way that Chinese customers are not being provided the same standard of services and equipment by international car companies. There are other events such as this one too; a man smashed his Lamborghini Gallardo and another incident where the owner used two donkeys to tow his Range Rover to the dealership. This might prove not very good for international car companies since China is growing in economy and they might lose a potential country as a customer. Still, Mr. Wang aka Chinese Hulk sure did something bold and stupid.

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